About us

USG Healthcare is involved in developing & marketing products for treating various Spinal Disorders requiring Surgical Intervention with the help of high quality & cost effective implants & instruments designed to improve spinal fusion rates, mobility & clinical outcomes in patients. Established in the year 2014, USG Healthcare is a young & fastest growing Medical Device company focused in providing innovative solutions to healthcare professionals for surgical treatment of patients affected with various Spinal & Orthopaedic disorders. The company is led by a team with many years of experience in serving Hospitals & Healthcare industry in India & works closely with surgeons & other healthcare rofessionals to promote, deliver & upgrade its products and services & provide solutions for optimum efficiency & patient care.

Our aim is to provide superior products & services, including timely delivery & continuous availability of products, with the help of dedicated team of channel partners who works continuously in the market to meet the challenges of supply chain in healthcare industry.